ASDFGHjklkd. I’m going to miss this life so much whenever I grow up. I’m listeing to Photograph by Daughtry and I could be crying so much just because I know that this will be over one day. I mean, it all comes with some damn hard work, but I’m living the dream life right now! […]

In Tallinn! We came with a Viking Line-ferry this morning, and walked around old town for a few hours. Our hotel is Meriton Spa & Conference hotel, this luxurious thing on the other side of the old town, seen from the harbour. Anyway, Mom is paying so me and my sister got 60 minutes of […]

Some pictures from sunday and monday. Me and half of our youth council went to Estonia to visit the Tallinn city youth council and get to know them. We had a blast, got to know eachother and maade up some plans for future co-operation. Nea and I already knew the presidium from Germany in September, […]