Omg, WHAT a great couple of days. Yesterday was spent swimming, sunbathing and eating at Pinkki’s summer cottage in the very outskirts of Porvoo archipelago. Beautiful place. The thundery night was followed by great conversations and everything that a perfect sleepover needs (meaning a bunchload of chocolate). Thursday morning, aka today, I went home for 25 minutes to take a shower and then I headed straight back to town to meet up with my sweet boys, who yesterday officially became a couple. So we took some cute kissing pictures and then I went on and on about how happy I am for them, haha. They’re just so adorable and both such great guys, it feels so great to have been able to follow their cute little lovestory, and of course go on following it. Such a beautiful couple.
And speaking of beautiful, after that I rushed to the bus to meet up with the gorgeous ladies on the second pic. Yep, Pinja, Eliisa and I went to see The Fault In Our Stars in Helsinki, and then we just hang out at JohtoCafé in Kamppi.
Currently, I’m on the very clean floor of Pinjas room (Pinja was one of my roommates on the language course, and the carpet in our room was far from clean) and we have had a fun night. Calling Venla, walking around Kerava with Vertti who came home, eating Oreos and just chilling. I kind of can’t believe that this is what my life looks like right now. Anyway, I’m so grateful for these and many others who, even though I’m my dorky self, make every single moment so unforgettable.

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