The second languagecourse-photobomb. Yesterday was a full day of meeting up with friends. Went over to Fanny’s new place and then out to lunch with Pinkki, Krisu and Sandra, none of whom I had seen in a while. So great to catch up over a good old fashioned hamburger at our standard place. Then I had a quick catch-up with Grandma before dinner with da family, which also was quite needed.

And then Fanny and I went driving later on that night, to McDonalds haha.

Today was spent on the beach of our summer cottage in the archipelago. Drove there with my sis and met up with my big sis and nephew, and ended up having a blast. Until the thunder came, and I had to worry a little about driving home, you see, it got quite windy. Anyway, we got home safe after the worst rain and storm. Tomorrow, I’ll be at Pinkkis summer cottage and then on thursday, I’m gonna watch TFIOS in Helsinki with Pinja and Eliisa. Then I’ll be spending the night at Pinja’s and then friday in Helsinki with Chabu. All planned for an awesome week!

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