4 days of absence, 4 days of illness. Nothing serious, just fever and a cold. Stupid, cuz I’ve been too tired to do anything. Except reading John Green. Now I’m kind of back on my feet though. Today, we had Marie & Anna visiting, and we had a great time as usual. Although Mom and I (the ones who speak the most) are both hoarse, so the conversation was kinda different, in a good way.

Anyway, here starts the pictures from the language course. I can’t believe it’s almost a week since we left Brighton! We’ve been in active contact through facebook, whatsapp and skype, and Pinja and Vertti were here overnight. But still, just a moment ago, I got a flashback to Brighton. I could here every sound, see the sun go down, see my friends and feel the breeze. And while slowly realizing, that it wasn’t for real, I also realized that I’m never gonna have that exact same feeling ever again. And that’s just so sad. Cuz i know adventures, just like people, come and go, and I know I’m gonna feel like this again when something else has ended. It’s just so hard to imagine that home will never be the place for me to create memories. That I will live in one place, always remembering another place. It’s like cheating on home.

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