IMG_5418_edited IMG_5444_edited IMG_5454_edited IMG_5459_edited IMG_5462_editedToday, I’m proud to be a Finn.

We made history today, when the Finnish parliament FINALLY voted for an equal marriage law. Me and like 20 of my friends skipped a few hours of school to demonstrate and show our love in front of the parliament, together with a few thousand others.

I will never forget, nor can I describe the feeling, when me and my amazing friend Vertti walked past the live stream from Sanomatalo and I asked an elderly lady if they voted yet (cause everyone was applauding) and she almost cried when she told me that yes, we got it through with 105-92. And then the rest was just a blur of people hugging friends and strangers, crying, laughing jumping, kissing, loving and me calling everyone I know and just simple making these happy noices in the phone and listening to them doing the same. I’ve never seen my country like this and I’m so happy I did, I will never forget this. A day to really put in our hearts forever.

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