It has been a rough few weeks. I’m exhausted, constantly tired and I’ve been feeling like I have no clue about what I’m doing. My professional life is planned to a minute-schedule for no reason and my personal life is a mess.

So thank God for Spotify. I made this Winter-playlist and used a lot of sad and depressing songs but there were less than 15 songs on it. So just a moment ago, when I sat down in the bus, the application told me that Spotify had added some songs because it was a short playlist. And I was like okay, no problem, a little new can’t hurt. And then all the songs added were feel good-songs, with lyrics about striving to the top and that it’s okay to feel lost but you’ll still get it. That’s what I call a sign.

I think about it
When I wanna give up
How to keep on going
How to keep my chin up
Somehow I know it
I’m not gonna give up
Never gonna give up

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