Best part


Such a long but inspiring day! Had a loooong schoolday, started at 8.15 am and went on with chemistry and health- and physical education. Then a lunch-break, oh how I enjoy them! I get a well-cooked, warm, free meal on a regular time a day, the only real routine I have, and it’s always such a great feeling in the cafeteria. Our cafeteria, Bamba, works as a big assembly hall in the middle of the building, open for three floors with one of the three walls completely open as a window. Just love it!

The day continued with what would have been 5 hours of Art and culture, but we’re gonna do a cultural project and we’re allowed to do it at home haha. So I and J took the tram to the center and shopped for some hair color, and then we sat down in a café and had a nice talk. And as soon as she left, Janita showed up with her friend M. We stayed for another hour and talked and laughed. M was on another language course in Brighton at the same time as we were, so we talked some memories and, well lots of things. Funny and not so funny.

After I left them at their bus stop, I made my way to Luckan, were the HECO- (Helsinki Students Central Organisation) meeting was held. It was the first annual meeting that actually worked out in four years our so, so we had a lot of completely new stuff going on. I even got through a proposal for the statues, that the organisation also would include vocational schools. And then Prakticum joined and so it happened that I volunteered to be a substitute on the board. And there was that. A lot of my friends from FSS (that kind of coordinates HECO) were elected to the board and and presidium, so I’m looking forward to a great year.

I should be a) doing homework b) sleeping, but here I am, blogging. Luckily I have a late morning tomorrow, meaning I have to get up as late as 8.45. And after school I’ll see my wonderful Chabu, who I haven’t seen in an eternity!

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