Always wanted

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I had so much fun today! We played Laser Tag in gym, and I got the highest score in my class. And competitive as I am, I was superhappy. Okay, the game was even more exciting actually, but still, always happy to win haha. Then I jumped on the right bus, but in the wrong direction, so I waited on a weird bus stop – freezing – for a bus back, and went to see Janita and Chabu at their school. Met some of their friends too, and just had a great time meeting people. And then, when i was on my way home, Emil left me a message saying he had an interview for the local newspaper Ötnyland (it just switched name!) and that he was ill and couldn’t do it. So all of a sudden I’m on my way to a dentist’s office, to interview a dental hygienist. She wasn’t too thrilled with the sudden change and didn’t like the questions and was overall a little stressed out, but somehow she relaxed (especially when I turned off the recorder haha) and I got her to talk. She was really into her job and it almost felt stupid nodding at these important teeth-care advice that I’ll never use anyway. But the article was alright so haha. But that explains the pictures above, one of these is probably going to be in the newspaper on Friday. The woman in the chair is a colleague to the one I interviewed.

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