It’s Tuesday, and I’ve not landed yet. Was in school on Monday, had a lot of things to catch up on. Was on a meeting with the youth council’s board, had a lot to catch up on. Was in school today, had a lot to catch up on. Saw Janita in town and hugged her […]

This picture was taken yesterday around 10, when I got home to eat, do some homework and translate the meeting minutes from Finnish to Swedish. At school we worked on our online portfolios, and my made my website into a combined CV and portfolio that’s gonna be up and running in a week or so. […]

I didn’t take any pictures with my camera today (although you find some on my Instagram, @b1cc4) so this is the song I’m listening to while writing this. You know when you say you’re going to sleep early? And then you don’t? Haha, I’m always complaining about lack of sleep. But last night I got […]

Such a beautiful weather today! Especially in Porvoo, almost as beautiful as this, 2 years ago. But that was probably the only really good thing. I stayed up too late, called a friend in the morning, had just fallen back to sleep when I had to get up to do a workthing (8.30-ish, school started […]

Another day, check. Pheeww. The Porvoo Youth Council, Youth Services and a workgroup that works with participation and co-operation arranged this event called Kuuluuko nuorten ääni? Hörs de ungas röst? (Can you hear the youth’s voice?) today. If you followed this blog a year a go, you could see I was attending the same event, […]

Very rough day yesterday, so no blogging. The constitutional Youth Council meeting in the City Hall did not go quite as planned, and took a lot longer than I had slept enough for. Got elected for translator and to my official committee so I should be okay, but it disturbed me a little that the […]

Throwback to September. I feel like sleeping. I sleep 4-5 hours a night, then a little nap on my way to school and another little nap on my way home. And then I almost fall asleep on every lesson, but that might be because they’re superboring. We go through procent-stuff in maths, the same things […]

Monday, check. Woke up too early (on time, just felt too early) and shoveled myself down to the bus station. Waited for about 5 minutes in -20 degrees and wondered how the fuck I was able to play outside in that temperature like 10 years ago. Came to school and had a long day of […]

  My dinner today. In the bus. School starts tomorrow. So not feeling it. I’ve been in a meeting this whole weekend, tomorrow I’ve got school and then me and Nea from the youth council are in charge of a schooling for the new delegates, so I’ll be home late and then Tuesday is a […]

Well hello every day-life. These gals came over this morning (GAAH TOO EARLY) for some brunch! My christmasgift to them haha. They’re from my class so we caught up on whatever we have been doing lately and ate like A LOT. There were fruit and vegetables, I made pancakes and mini-baguettes, Julle brought some Nutella […]