Take me away


Very rough day yesterday, so no blogging. The constitutional Youth Council meeting in the City Hall did not go quite as planned, and took a lot longer than I had slept enough for. Got elected for translator and to my official committee so I should be okay, but it disturbed me a little that the vice president election went so bad. Also, someone I counted as a friend got upset with me for personal reasons when I was just doing my job there, and I don’t think that friendship or whatever will recover easily. Overall, we have a lot of issues to face, and I just hope all the others (lots of new people) will both realise and handle it soon. It’s gonna be a though year but at least I know I’ll last.

Today was a long day as in school for 8 hours or so. I would have had a course tonight, the event producer-thing, but I couldn’t skip my gymnasium-lessons. I read 4 subjects, 10 courses and then I’m supposed to write the matriculation exam. So it’s not a good idea to be absent really. On the other lessons though, I concentrate on work-things, I’ve been doing the youth council’s web page and sending lots and lots of e-mails today. Great thing with repetition of chemistry from 7th grade.

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