Right where we are


Throwback to September.

I feel like sleeping. I sleep 4-5 hours a night, then a little nap on my way to school and another little nap on my way home. And then I almost fall asleep on every lesson, but that might be because they’re superboring. We go through procent-stuff in maths, the same things I learned like 2-3 years ago. But I shouldn’t be complaining, I get my e-mail done. Right now I’m killing some time doing old work-things in SubWay in Porvoo haha. Waiting for the constitutional Youth Council meeting to begin. I’m quite looking forward too it, although I still haven’t chosen if I’m gonna candidate for president/vice president/secretary/translater yet. I mean, I’d love to do all of those but 1. I wan’t to give new people the chance, and also I’m fully booked anyway. Sigh. But let’s get this ass over to the city hall before making any decisions.

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