When we’re talking

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I was supposed to go to sleep early yesterday. That did not quite work out the way I expected.

This morning, Dad drove me into town and I got a ride to Sipoo, where I participated in the second part of an event producer – course. The first part was in Porvoo, together with a group attending an event reporter – course. Now we’re gonna be volounteer workers in the regional music competition of Sounds, where groups are picked out to represent Porvoo, Sipoo and Loviisa in the national competition in Porvoo in May. Where we’re also gonna be working. I’m kind of excited actually, I’ve been working in a lot of projects and on some events so it feels great to get to be a part of an even bigger event!

My cousin Marie and sister Hannah picked me up afterwards and we went to a groceriestore. Without a shoppinglist. Not a good idea. I’m not gonna tell you how much we spent. Fortunately most of it was on fruits haha.

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