AAh. Good morning (afternoon) and sorry for not updating yesterday. I’ve got another story for you. So we took the train from Berlin to Hamburg yesterday. According to the Railplanner App, all the 3 trains we were going to ride yesterday were trains without reservation. Turns out, the one from Hamburg to Nykoebing was a […]

Guten Tag! Or something. We’re in the train from Lugano to Zurich, finally. We wanted to save some money and skip reserving seats, and we’ve travelled with regional trains all day. Milan-Chiasso, Chiasso-Lugano, Lugano-Zurich. We arrived in Milan yesterday, where we had booked 1 star-hotel instead of a hostel (it wasn’t much more expensive, everything […]

WOW. How did I earn this life. Second night in a row in AMAZING company, with good food and party feeling. I’m in the bus home from Helsinki, where the Helsinki’s Swedish-speaking Student’s Central Organisation HECO organized the annual graduation dinner Studentmiddagen. We were a group of four 16-yearolds and one 17-yearold organizing the event […]

In Tallinn! We came with a Viking Line-ferry this morning, and walked around old town for a few hours. Our hotel is Meriton Spa & Conference hotel, this luxurious thing on the other side of the old town, seen from the harbour. Anyway, Mom is paying so me and my sister got 60 minutes of […]

I was supposed to go to sleep early yesterday. That did not quite work out the way I expected. This morning, Dad drove me into town and I got a ride to Sipoo, where I participated in the second part of an event producer – course. The first part was in Porvoo, together with a […]

Home from a good night at Hannah’s godparents’. Beautiful place, so I had to snap some pics of course. School was quite boring, making like folders on the computers haha. Well, at least I had time to go through my e-mail. And then the photographylessons were interesting. I’m not THAT into analog photography, but our […]

Pictures from today! I think it was Venla, who said she wanted Chinese. And thank God she did that, like weeks ago, cuz we had the greatest day eating out, walking in a bookstore, taking pics and ending up chilling in Janitas room (Which is like as close as you get to heaven on earth […]

Hello peeps. This is my last update before the language course. Pinkki was here earlier to help me pack my things, but we ended up eating som pancakes I made. But every thing is packed, we had fun and my expectations are high and the feeling is awesome and I’ve got a fever of 39 […]