Some pictures from sunday and monday. Me and half of our youth council went to Estonia to visit the Tallinn city youth council and get to know them. We had a blast, got to know eachother and maade up some plans for future co-operation. Nea and I already knew the presidium from Germany in September, […]

Hey people! Haven’t been blogging in a while, I have had a lot to do. The weekend was spent on this course-thing, I’m gonna be an eventproducer hihi. And then I visited my dear aunt on Sunday. Monday as my day off, so I woke up late and went christmasshopping. And then I sat in […]

Hello. I’ve been thinking. Well I’m always, but I haven’t had any blogwriting inspiration lately and so i figured, why not write in English? With the language course coming up, it’d be the perfect challenge. So today, I’ve been working in the Youth Councils stand at the Porvoo Days, an on-going event in my hometown. […]