I’ve been thinking. Well I’m always, but I haven’t had any blogwriting inspiration lately and so i figured, why not write in English? With the language course coming up, it’d be the perfect challenge.

So today, I’ve been working in the Youth Councils stand at the Porvoo Days, an on-going event in my hometown. We had some sumo-wrestling and a badge-machine, it was kind of funny. Until, it started raining. And I mean RAINING. So we packed it all up and got it back to the Youth center. Then I went to lunch with Rebecca, we ate some chickenfocaccia and then we just talked for a few hours as usual haha. Later on, I went on a spontaneous visit to my aunt’s. She didn’t answer her phone so I decided to do it the old school way, ring the doorbell. And so we had a blast, talking politics, so I’m happy. And I got som       e chocolate. But now I’m home, going through pictures and watching Orange is the new black. So happy I found out about the second season! Love that show, drama, haha.

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