Today, I’m proud to be a Finn. We made history today, when the Finnish parliament FINALLY voted for an equal marriage law. Me and like 20 of my friends skipped a few hours of school to demonstrate and show our love in front of the parliament, together with a few thousand others. I will never […]

A few pics from the weekend, we celebrated Janita’s b-day at Venla’s, and the we went for brunch on Saturday. We had a great time, lot of talking, laughing, falling and memories. I’m so happy that I met these people! Sunday kind of sucked though, had a meeting at 10 am, but when I was […]

Omg, WHAT a great couple of days. Yesterday was spent swimming, sunbathing and eating at Pinkki’s summer cottage in the very outskirts of Porvoo archipelago. Beautiful place. The thundery night was followed by great conversations and everything that a perfect sleepover needs (meaning a bunchload of chocolate). Thursday morning, aka today, I went home for […]

I don’t know what to say. Do you ever get used to goodbyes? What about horrible news? Once again I wonder why they don’t teach you to handle things like these in school. What are you supposed to do, who are you supposed to ask, and how are you supposed to survive when a chapter […]

Life is just a fucking lot of time with faces coming and going. Everytime a new face comes in, all that time suddenly feels meaningful. And everytime they go, you realise it was all just an illusion. That you’re alone in the end and that there is no one else to trust than yourself. You’re […]

It has so not been three weeks since I met these people. I’ve known them forever and we’ve just arrived. Can’t believe tomorrow is our last day here. Anyway. Today was alright, the test went well and so did the presentation of our project. In the morning we chilled on the beach most of the […]

Today we said goodbye to the italian group. Horribly sad, most people were crying and I just ran around and hugged everone. Most Finns were actually sad because they started thinking about that we’re going home in a week. Anyway. Tomorrow we’ll be heading to London for some shopping. And then we’re eating out. Oh, […]

So my phone is dead. Or actually it isn’t. I wish it was, cuz then I could just restart it by charging it. Now it’s like barely alive, the screen is black, but sometimes it vibrates and sometimes the buttons light up. So very annoying. After an ordinary day of school, we went via SubWay […]

More picture from my leader Ulla’s blog. 1. Eating in Paris, restaurant named Hippo-something. We had so much fun. 2. Selfie of me and Ulla, I’m giving her a massage to make sure my team would win the treasure hunt. 3. Which we did, here’s the winnig team. 4. Bowling the other night. I’m not […]

Hey guys! So today was spent in the fantastic city of London, with the greatest gang you can possibly imagine. My muscles seriously hurt after all the laughing. These busrides will kill me haha. Listened to some good music, took some good pictures and enjoyed the good in life. Which I’d like to define as […]