So my phone is dead. Or actually it isn’t. I wish it was, cuz then I could just restart it by charging it. Now it’s like barely alive, the screen is black, but sometimes it vibrates and sometimes the buttons light up. So very annoying.
After an ordinary day of school, we went via SubWay to the beach, where some of us were gonna take part in JumpZone (you’re basically jumping up and down in the air, 18 m is the maximum height) but then due to some late boss, they told us to come back in an hour. So we spent quality time in Starbucks with the Finns and some Italians, and the we went back. Just to find out that this time, due to a little rain, no one would be able to jump.
So Kaisa, Janita and I, took a bus to Hove and bought toys haha. I bought a die for a gaming we’re making at school and they bought some soap bubbles. Janita also bought three new slinkys, cuz Ariel (redhead) killed the first one and might do it again.
Then the student party was shitty as always, but with great company and great stories the hour went fast. At nine, we rushed down to the shoreline and watched the beautiful waves and just talked with a little gang, waiting for the ones who were dancing. But suddenly, one of the small little waves wasn’t so small anymore and completely soaked us. So I went home with all-wet pants, bag snd t-shirt. Ihanaa.

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