More picture from my leader Ulla’s blog.
1. Eating in Paris, restaurant named Hippo-something. We had so much fun.
2. Selfie of me and Ulla, I’m giving her a massage to make sure my team would win the treasure hunt.
3. Which we did, here’s the winnig team.
4. Bowling the other night. I’m not in the picture, sadly.
5. Dinner in Hard Rock Cafe Paris.
6. Touristing in London, that was quite fun too.
7. On the beach, I’m the one with the camera of course.
8. Me in Paris Metro, saving everyone with my brilliant intelligens. (More like have used the ticketmachines before)
9. Janita and I realised that spoons work like mirrors.
These and a lot of other pics can be found on my leaders blog

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