A few pics from the weekend, we celebrated Janita’s b-day at Venla’s, and the we went for brunch on Saturday. We had a great time, lot of talking, laughing, falling and memories. I’m so happy that I met these people!

Sunday kind of sucked though, had a meeting at 10 am, but when I was in the bus at 9 am I gotta a text message saying it was canceled. Not that nice. Then I did a school thing with J from my class, and then I got myself a reservation for a haircut. Except I didn’t realise it was at 2 pm and the clock was 12 am. So I waited (and read) for 2 hours. Then I got my haircut (AND A FREE MASSAGE) (recommending Hairlekiini) and was happy for about 20 minutes. Then my bus driver was mad so the day over all wasn’t too great…

And now I’m at school feeling tired as fuck and drinking hot chocolate. 6 hours of Cameratechnics wooppidoo. and then three meetings..

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