This is what I see at the moment. Highway.
So the last week has been stressful, and so I have not had the time to blog. School started and that’s like a little boring cuz we learn easy stuff, and it also takes a lot of time. Today for example, 8 h plus the traveling both ways, 10 h. It’s no bigger problem though. I sat in meetings the whole weekend and have seen Chabu, Marie, Anna and Pinkki, so I have been quite busy. That, of course, not giving me time to think about shit. Which is like good but still not. Oh, and I’ve spent all of my breaks and nights on fixing a gift for Janita with Venla, we’re celebrating her sweet 16 on friday. But yesterday we finally got it! So at the moment, everything’s alright. A long schoolday in front of me, and then we’re spending the evening at family aquintances.

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