From the bus, on our very first trip. And this one will so not be the last.

In a few minutes. I will be. An upper secondary school student. In Helsinki. With Elina and a lot of people I don’t know.

When I started seventh grade, and this blog, I was in a pretty dark place and I had no idea whether I would get up from there. But somehow I did, and 3 years later, I’m healthy, successful brave, independent and pretty outstanding,. What I think of as a reason to this, was the goal of succeeding. And even though the practical plan has changed along the way, today, when I’m halfway in the 6-year dream I had, I feel pretty darn good about the choices I’ve made. I have tried not to cut people off, cuz i know that sucks. I have had some dropping off though, but I’ve also been lucky enough to find other people to heal the wounds after them. And right now, in this very moment, I’m grateful to those who stood there, for a moment, for a long time, or still are standing. In particular, my dear friend Elina, who’s sitting right beside me, and has been in many ways and places over the last few years.

We deserve this new start. We’ve worked for it. We worked together, and we’ll get into this together. THANK YOU.

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