I’m in Espoo, west of Helsinki on an exhibition for 9th graders in the city. I’m representing FSS, since this is an event organised by their local youth council to introduce school-students to politics. There’s all kinds of programme and things going, right now a debate between some candidates for the parliamentary election.   […]

A few pics from the weekend, we celebrated Janita’s b-day at Venla’s, and the we went for brunch on Saturday. We had a great time, lot of talking, laughing, falling and memories. I’m so happy that I met these people! Sunday kind of sucked though, had a meeting at 10 am, but when I was […]

So yesterday I went to see the play Ronia the Robber’s daughter on Finns’ summer theater. I was with Rebecca (freezing in the middlepicture) and we had a great time as usual. Hannah will be going away for her language course tomorrow, so I GOTTA WAKE UP AT 5.30 AM. But it’s worth it ofcourse. […]