So yesterday I went to see the play Ronia the Robber’s daughter on Finns’ summer theater. I was with Rebecca (freezing in the middlepicture) and we had a great time as usual.

Hannah will be going away for her language course tomorrow, so I GOTTA WAKE UP AT 5.30 AM. But it’s worth it ofcourse. I’ve been talking to the people in my group, and they all seem soooo great, can’t wait to meet them! We speak finnish, and it looks like I’m the only Finnswede, but that’s good cuz I need the practise. So far it has been going great, they didn’t even believe me at first when I told them my native language is Swedish. Maybe the 1,5 years in the Yputh Council have paid off. Tomorrow I’ll be saying byebye to Hannah, taking Mom to work (cuz Dad’s driving Hannah to the airport, then start packing and cleaning my room, and then Pinkki will come visit!

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