Another day, check. Pheeww. The Porvoo Youth Council, Youth Services and a workgroup that works with participation and co-operation arranged this event called Kuuluuko nuorten ääni? Hörs de ungas röst? (Can you hear the youth’s voice?) today. If you followed this blog a year a go, you could see I was attending the same event, […]

I had so much fun today! We played Laser Tag in gym, and I got the highest score in my class. And competitive as I am, I was superhappy. Okay, the game was even more exciting actually, but still, always happy to win haha. Then I jumped on the right bus, but in the wrong […]

Very rough day yesterday, so no blogging. The constitutional Youth Council meeting in the City Hall did not go quite as planned, and took a lot longer than I had slept enough for. Got elected for translator and to my official committee so I should be okay, but it disturbed me a little that the […]

Throwback to September. I feel like sleeping. I sleep 4-5 hours a night, then a little nap on my way to school and another little nap on my way home. And then I almost fall asleep on every lesson, but that might be because they’re superboring. We go through procent-stuff in maths, the same things […]

  My dinner today. In the bus. School starts tomorrow. So not feeling it. I’ve been in a meeting this whole weekend, tomorrow I’ve got school and then me and Nea from the youth council are in charge of a schooling for the new delegates, so I’ll be home late and then Tuesday is a […]

Well hello every day-life. These gals came over this morning (GAAH TOO EARLY) for some brunch! My christmasgift to them haha. They’re from my class so we caught up on whatever we have been doing lately and ate like A LOT. There were fruit and vegetables, I made pancakes and mini-baguettes, Julle brought some Nutella […]

Been absent for a few days, due to like a lot of things. Anyway, some of my staff-friends from Kulturkarnevalen (Big annual Finn-Swedish camp about culture, arranged by FSS) had a reunion in the former intern’s apartment haha. It’s really close to my school so it was easy to get there, and then we drank […]

Home from a good night at Hannah’s godparents’. Beautiful place, so I had to snap some pics of course. School was quite boring, making like folders on the computers haha. Well, at least I had time to go through my e-mail. And then the photographylessons were interesting. I’m not THAT into analog photography, but our […]

I know it’s stupid. BUT IT’S SO IRRITATING TO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF LIFE. I mean seriously. Sounds simply ridiculous, but there’s something about just going on living day after day without knowing why that feels even more ridiculous. And it’s especially hard when trying to comfort someone, and the only thing that would […]