I know it’s stupid.

BUT IT’S SO IRRITATING TO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF LIFE. I mean seriously. Sounds simply ridiculous, but there’s something about just going on living day after day without knowing why that feels even more ridiculous. And it’s especially hard when trying to comfort someone, and the only thing that would actually work is telling them WHY. I usually can tell you how, and I can tell you what not to do. But fuck it, I can’t give you a proper reason.

My calendar is stuffed for next week. And the one after that aswell. Stressful? Yes, that the folders on my computer won’t go through and organize themselves, and that I feel guilty for having to plan in time for my friends. At the moment it looks kind of good though, tomorrow Elina + family, Tuesday Hannah + Tatjana & Soffe, Wednesday Sandra & Emppu + Chabu, Thursday Chabu + Dad and my nephews (we’re going sailing!), Friday Dad (we’re sailing home) + Rebecca, Saturday Krisu + family-time, and Sunday is reserved for some people from the language course! So that’s pretty much my week, and this is when I have neither work, nor school. Not too bad though, a lot of wonderful people. And today was also great, I spent the evening at Rebecca’s and we had a lot of fun catching up.

Here’s another bunch of Brighton-pics!


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