On 9-10 of July I had the awesome opportunity to represent the umbrella organisation for secondary student’s in Europe, OBESSU, at “The future of VET”- expert conference in Vienna. The conference featured Austrian ministers, Comission- and Directorate General-officials as well as stakeholders from the vocational field all over Europe and was an official event of […]

I tend to get frustrated when vocational education is not appreciated as highly as general secondary education. Oh and here’s a TV-documentary about Finnish secondary education in general. You can read my side notes about vocational education in Finnish and Swedish below  För en timme sedan publicerades programserien Fem fenomen i skolan på Yle Arenan. […]

The upcoming year I’ll be spending quite a lot of time with this bunch, as we all got elected for the Finlands Svenska Skolungdomsförbund FSS board!  Thankful for the trust and the opportunity to act as president of FSS for one more year. This weekend reminded me of the very corner stones of school-student activism: that every […]

So today was an interesting day. Second time speaking Finnish on the radio (but what wouldn’t you do in order to make sure secondary education is accessible for all?), giving the citizen’s iniative for the same cause, and its 50 000 names, to the speaker of the Finnish parliament and a citizen’s information-event about concrete […]

A year as the FSS president gave and took, and I’m definitely not done. Educational policy is field full och change and right now, quite some reforms. So is FSS, and following all the huge improvements we’ve made, I want to continue developing the organisation. We can make sure that stakeholder locally, regionally, nationally and internationally recognise […]

This last month my work has included replying to a bunch of conservatives on the Finnswedish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet on the topic of behavioral norms. Apparently nothing should ever change, and change is definitely not happening right now, according to them. Personally, I don’t think any individual has the right to determine whether or not any […]

During these last few weeks we’ve had #metoo, we’ve had #övistoo (where 224 students from a High school in Vaasa shared their stories and demanded a change), and today we have #dammenbrister, where 6000 Finnswedes shared experiences and signed for a change. Sexual harrasment is never a joke, never exaggeration. It’s not something “little you […]

(På svenska nedan, in English below) Tänään ensimmäistä kertaa ikinä suomenkielisessä radiohaastattelussa. En olisi ikinä uskonut että tämmöinen päivä tulisi, kun uskallan puhua yhtään missään julkisesti suomeks, varsinkaan missään radio-ohjelmassa. Mutta kun on niin tärkeä aihe kuin aidosti maksuton toinen aste, niin siitä on erittäin hyvä aloittaa. Tää kampanja on sitä varten, että kenenkään 15-vuotiaan […]