Wohah. Where did the week go? Today we’ve been with the finnish group for a week, and 5 days in Brighton. I’m discovering that I have a hate-love-relationship with almost everything, except for the student parties, which I only hate. Seriously though, I love my country, but I also hate a lot of things. I […]

Me, Pinja and Vertti. Hmm. I couldn’t decide whether or not to throw in an update, cuz I’m really tired. Today we started of with a trip to a museum, but a really boring one. So we (me and the rest of the wonderful finnsih group) just sat outside and ate. And talked of course. […]

That picture is already on instagram and facebook but it’s the only good one I’ve got. At least on my phone, there are many on my camera. But now I’m at my host familys’ in Brighton and we have wifi but I don’t think we have a computer. I live in a really small room […]

Well people. I’m at our hotel in, sitting in the lobby with everyone and just waiting for our bus. These days in Paris have been so great! I’ve practised my finnish and gotten lots of new friends. I mean last year (I know I shouldn’t compare last year to this but I do) our group […]

Okay so apparently this app won’t upload more than one picture, the mobil website won’t either, and the keyboard version doesn’t upload any pictures at all. So you’ll get like one picture a day if you’re lucky. And then you can always check out my instagram b1cc4, there might be something interesting. So today I’ve […]

Okay so I’m sitting here with wifi on my iPad AND my phone, sending mobile pics through facebook only so that I can upload them here. And btw, my fever is gone and I got myself some strawberries so atm I’m feeling great. Although I have no idea about what I will do tomorrow. Almost […]

Just a quick update. I’m trying to take some pictures with my phone but I won’t be able to upload them before I get to Brighton, which is in 3 days. Anyways, I’ve got a slight fever and so I didn’t sleep too well so I’m tired. But everything else is just perfect, everyone’s so […]