Wohah. Where did the week go? Today we’ve been with the finnish group for a week, and 5 days in Brighton. I’m discovering that I have a hate-love-relationship with almost everything, except for the student parties, which I only hate. Seriously though, I love my country, but I also hate a lot of things. I love this language course, even though I hate some activities. I hate these small houses in small towns, but I still love Brighton, Torquay, Porvoo and small towns everywhere. Then I hate a lot of things with big cities like Paris and London, all the pickpockets, beggers and the no-one-knows-you-feeling, even though the last one and big cities in general are something I love. Confusing.
Another confusing thing is that every second person seems to think that I should be a politician, and the other half tells me that I should be a journalist. Also my finnish is improving, and a lot. I learn new words everyday. And I’m finally fine with people correcting me, which is a step in the right direction. Tomorrow, I have a museum, some lessons and bowling on the program. And then I really have to use a shower, we only have a bathtube and I feel like I don’t even get clean. Sigh.
Photocredit to my roomie and friend Pinja, we went to Starbucks today.

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