Me, Pinja and Vertti.

Hmm. I couldn’t decide whether or not to throw in an update, cuz I’m really tired. Today we started of with a trip to a museum, but a really boring one. So we (me and the rest of the wonderful finnsih group) just sat outside and ate. And talked of course. Then at school I got into the best group, with most of my finnish friends. And then there’s also some really cute spaniards. After school I went shopping with Pinja and Vertti, two really great friends of mine. I had like biiig troubles finding jeans, cuz I’ve been waiting a year to buy this one model but now that model didn’t fit me and so on. #richpeopleproblems But I still used them on the student party, which was even crappier than last year. Almost felt like prison with the guards, closed doors and fences. So we stayed for the mandatory two hours and then we went out to take som pictures. Most of TeamBicca joined us. It feels so great ti have “responsibility” over these people, I’m never alone. Oh and also, they’re just the best.

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