That picture is already on instagram and facebook but it’s the only good one I’ve got. At least on my phone, there are many on my camera. But now I’m at my host familys’ in Brighton and we have wifi but I don’t think we have a computer. I live in a really small room with 3 other girls, Pinja, Riina and Julia, and we’re all from Finland. So I practise finnish a lot too, and they’re all really nice. Our hostmom is kind but like the systems are a little weird. As far as I’m concerned she has two jobs and her son stays at her moms’ all the time. They leave early in the morning and get back late and then the boy (3yearold) goes to sleep so we can’t shower after that. Or we can’t shower anyways cuz we only have a bathtub.
Today we had the placement test, which went pretty well. Other than that, we’ve just been hanging out in parks and on the beach mosly waiting. We have an Italian and a Spanish group in our actuvitygroup and their leaders don’t speak english that well so we have some communication problems. But I met my leader from last year too, I’ve actually missed her a lot cuz she was like really good and we’ve had a lot of different/not-so-good englishteachers this year. But yeah, I’m really happy, everything is great and I get along with everyone. Oh and I met a cute guy on the bus.

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