Okay so apparently this app won’t upload more than one picture, the mobil website won’t either, and the keyboard version doesn’t upload any pictures at all. So you’ll get like one picture a day if you’re lucky. And then you can always check out my instagram b1cc4, there might be something interesting. So today I’ve played guide in the citycentre and translator cuz we hang out with people from Sweden and I was the only one speaking both Swedish and Finnish. What we did? Walked around in the city, Rue de Rivoli (shoppingstreet) and Champs-Elysees(main street) mostly, for some good shoppingplaces. And then we rode the subway, which I absolutely LOVE. I went to see Hannah and Ellen too, and that was great. It has been just two days but I had actually missed them. Then I skyped some and now I’ve been talking to Rebecca for like a few hours. But that was like it. My alarmclock is on for 9.30, but we have to check out at 12 so I’ll probably be waking up around 11.45 if I know myself correct.

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