The rest of the Paris-pictures, you’re welcome! We’re in the 2nd out of 4 trains to get to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, where we’ll stay for 3 nights before leaving to Berlin after a day-trip to Amsterdam.

Paris. We love you. I have so many pictures left, wait a second!! We’ve had the most amazing days here. I recommend the hotel, Hotel Bertha, in Mont Martre where we lived. It’s in the middle of a nice quarter, alive but not strange and scary, just a short walk from Pigalle, Sacre Coeur and […]

Okay so apparently this app won’t upload more than one picture, the mobil website won’t either, and the keyboard version doesn’t upload any pictures at all. So you’ll get like one picture a day if you’re lucky. And then you can always check out my instagram b1cc4, there might be something interesting. So today I’ve […]