Home from a good night at Hannah’s godparents’. Beautiful place, so I had to snap some pics of course. School was quite boring, making like folders on the computers haha. Well, at least I had time to go through my e-mail. And then the photographylessons were interesting. I’m not THAT into analog photography, but our […]

A few pics from the weekend, we celebrated Janita’s b-day at Venla’s, and the we went for brunch on Saturday. We had a great time, lot of talking, laughing, falling and memories. I’m so happy that I met these people! Sunday kind of sucked though, had a meeting at 10 am, but when I was […]

Pictures from today! I think it was Venla, who said she wanted Chinese. And thank God she did that, like weeks ago, cuz we had the greatest day eating out, walking in a bookstore, taking pics and ending up chilling in Janitas room (Which is like as close as you get to heaven on earth […]

Two fast pics from today and two days ago. Janita and Chabu were here and that was so much fun, you gals are the best! And then I went sailing with daddy and my nephews and that was fun aswell. So right now I’m kind of stressed out cuz my calendar is filling up, but […]

I know it’s stupid. BUT IT’S SO IRRITATING TO NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF LIFE. I mean seriously. Sounds simply ridiculous, but there’s something about just going on living day after day without knowing why that feels even more ridiculous. And it’s especially hard when trying to comfort someone, and the only thing that would […]

Today’s! In the morning, I drove of to Gammelby ABC, halfway to Lovisa. And it didn’t take long, until tis beautiful girl arrived! As I’ve missed her! As one of the absolutely oldest friends of mine, she’s an important part of my life and nothing makes me happier than knowing that for once, we both […]

So I’m home again after a few days away. And once again I realised how much it means, and how good it feels to talk to people. I mean really, nothing clears my head like talking to people. Which I’m gonna continue with tomorrow, Rebecca just got home and I haven’t seen her in like […]

The second languagecourse-photobomb. Yesterday was a full day of meeting up with friends. Went over to Fanny’s new place and then out to lunch with Pinkki, Krisu and Sandra, none of whom I had seen in a while. So great to catch up over a good old fashioned hamburger at our standard place. Then I […]