Today I swear I’m not doing anything


Shit what a night. We hang out with my friend Camille in a park, had lunch with her and just talked. Then we made dinner at our hostel and ate, and when we came outside, my friend Anna and her friend Stephen were waiting for us. They had made plans. They knew I hadn’t ever been drunk. The plan was to get me drunk.

Copenhagen has these beatiful lakes just in the city center, and we sat down by the bank of one of them. We ended up hanging out on those stairs for approximately 7 hours, after which we took of to Burger King to find a toilet. I’ll spare you the details but some of us weren’t in the most representable presence we’ve been.

Anyway, awesome evening and awesome night with lot’s of awesome Danish people. I had a lot of fun, thanks everyone! Even the weird people that came up to talk to us along the night. Shit, what random people this world consists of.

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