Just stay with me


Today we’ve been touristing around in this historical, sad and beautiful city. Starting out at Checkpoint Charlie, we realised we hadn’t listened nearly as much as we’d have needed in history classes. We made a list of things to Google.

Luckily, the whole city is full of pictures, dates and stories about the time after WWII was like and what it meant. I’ve always felt like the Berlin Wall is just as old of a story as Napoleon and Waterloo. Today it hit me that the wall wasn’t even built when my Dad was born, and it was torn down just 9 years prior to my own birth. Gives some perspective.

Anyway. This city is totally amazing. Just wow. So much culture, people and history everywhere. I’m amazed by the monuments, the rawness in the atmosphere around them, like the wall had fell just yesterday. I got yelled at by a guard for climbing the Jew monument. Then somehow it got dark and we took some long shutter speed pictures with Emil running around like crazy with a flashlight. The Bundestag (Parliament) totally fascinated me, even the system where you send a request asking if you can visit, and then you get an e-mail back saying you’re welcome at this and that time. For free! We’re going tomorrow. I so understand why Julle likes this place. It’s amazing.

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