Something new



I can not explain with words how extremely tired I was when we arrived a little before 7 am. Emil made med go to McCafé where I had the worst hot chocolate of a life time and he had a morning coffee. I got to charge my devices and call out hostel in Berlin to get one more night for today. Emil tried to sleep after his coffee. We got a room at the hostel (AMAZING place, A&O Hostels is the way to go in Germany!) and went to their lobby in Friedrichshain to sleep until check-in at 15.00. Emil slept, I read.

We got our room, very nice 8 person dorm with three sweet Swedish guys. There are Swedes everywhere in Berlin. I got a shower. Emil got a shower. We washed all of our clothes. We used the internet. We went to eat in a nearby bar. We went to Lidl. I played cards with the Swedish guys and Emil finished his book. We slept again.

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