Hold courage to your chest


So we’ve arrived in Venice. Didn’t see a lot of it though, since we found to bus to the camping area PLUS Camping Jolly in Marghera, where we’re staying, and then we had to find the right way to it, which sounded like it would take a while. Luckily, there was another really nice backpacker in the bus, who showed us how to walk (Straight from the bus stop to the main road, turn right, walk 8 minutes, turn left by the pizzeria, walk straight for another 5 minutes, turn left and follow the pathway by the sports facilities under the bridge, walk a few more minutes and it’s on your right).

We’re sleeping in a big tent, that super super hot in daytime, and chilly at night. Luckily, we have our sleeping bags with us. The tent has 3 beds, one bunk and one other. Then we have a trashcan and socket. Again, luckily we have and extended socket system with 7-8 holes. Oh, and did I mention? Venice is going through a heatwave and it’s 35* C in the days.

Camping seems to be quite common between backpackers. Thinking about it, sleeping for 13 € a night in Venice is actually really cheap, in the city you pay 50 € for a night. This camping area is good because it includes big cottages and bungalows, camping area for own tents and housecars, another camping area for the kind of tents we’re sleeping in, a shower and toilet building in the middle, that looks way too small but where the lines aren’t actually too bad, a supermarket with really good prices, a breakfast buffet/bar/restaurant/night club, a reception with computers, lockers, luggage room, ATM, Wifi covering the main public area and some of the tents, and most importantly, SWIMMING POOLS!

Yes, there are 2 jacuzzis, a baby pool and a really big swimming pool surrounded by just enough sunbeds and strong wifi connection all over it. Could it get any better? That’s where I am right now, I’ve been swimming like 4 times already and we’re planning on spending the whole first evening here. This is like the beach vacation that you can actually afford. There are a lot of students in big groups, families and backpackers here, some passing through and others just spending the entire vacation here. The bar is cheap and there are 2 pizzerias just a few hundred meters away, plus there’s a shuttle bus to Venice from the area every hour, and the ordinary bus that leaves from a distance every 20 minutes. Aaaaah.

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