And the trains rolled on through the small towns and never looked back

So far we’ve had some trouble with the compromises. No problem deciding which train to take or what cities to go to, but damn if we have to choose what we should eat or who should carry the water. Right now we’re fighting about whether we should put the sandwiches away before the next stop or my computer. And Emil got what he wanted, so I’m writing this.
Now we’re enjoying a very nice staircase in the train, since we did all wrong when getting on. We rushed to the nearest door and jumped on to reserve some seats, realised it was Businessclass and had to run through 5-6 wagons. When we arrived there, all the seats were gone and we got to stand in the hallway for 25 minutes, until we had pushed our way through to another hallway where we occupied this nice staircase, which we’re now sharing with our backpacks. We’re super thankful every time we arrive on a station where we don’t have get up to give space to other people and risk giving our own spot up. We just arrived in Brno and now we’re going to munch on some sandwiches. I guess this is what it’s all about huh?

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