Breathe out, breathe in

Sometimes I look out random windows and I go like. Wow. Just. Wow.
These last weeks have been amazing, stressful and still so unbelievable. My summerjob might just be the coolest ever, and I’m really sorry I haven’t had time to upload all the pictures I’ve taken, they’re coming! Up here you find the first two out of 6(?) vlogs me and my awesome colleague Lotta are doing.

I’ve never had a summerjob before, so waking up at 7 a.m. every day in June feels weird. For some reason, I shower in the morning, and then I take the 7.45 bus to Pasila from where I walk (actually I’ve missed having to walk to work) to the YLE area. Then I spend the morning cathing up on news, and then we have a morning meeting with the whole department at 10. Then I’ve got all sorts of fun things to do, writing articles, following and helping out in the studios, videotaping and updating social media, planning the vlog and running errands. This week I’ve spoke on the radio twice and filmed around the editorial.

Yesterday was a little different. The outside Pop up exihibition PopUp Ostrobothnia took place in Helsinki city centre, so I was there representing YLE. ANother time I just go around think WHAT is this? I’ve been to like 15 exhibitions in my life, attending 1 and taking care of a stand at like 14. It’s so much fun, but even for a social person like myself, talking nicely to hundreds of people makes you quite tired. Luckily, my friend Masa showed up with ice cream just before my shift ended, and we sat on the Dome Church stairs and talked about random things for an hour or so. After work, I headed to the FSS office to help a friend with his music video and taking and looking through my papers for this weekend.

Today I left work after lunch and took the bus to the airport, WOHOO. I just realised last evening that although I have flew without parents and things a lot of times, I’ve actually never flew all alone. And now I’m supposed to change flights in Copenhagen, before getting to Brussels later tonight. I just e-mailed my tickets to my Mom, and sent her like “Hi mom, just so you know, I’m eating in Copenhagen tonight. You don’t need to save any food for me, but I love you guys!” And she replied oh, haha. Will I see you on Monday or next year?”

So right now I’m on the airport, blogging, going through the papers for the meeting one more time and WATCHING THE NEW EPISODES of Orange is the new black! Happy about that! And also happy, cuz I’ll meet many of my friends from Budapest in February tonight and tomorrow! Just traveling in general makes me all smiley and bubbly. Like when I looked out the bus window and was like Wow, shit. The places this life takes me. Wow.

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