Give me one good reason

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How come, that when we see a flashing green dude on the traffic lights, we start running over the street, but when it turns red we start walking like, ” I didn’t reach the other side before the green light stopped flashing so I might just as well get ran over and die”?

Just a random sudden thought in the bus. I’m on my way home from my internship. I still love the place and the people I’m working with! I’ve been doing layout and info graphics today. My first assignment was a map with secondary schools and the amount of students applying in comparison to the places each school has to offer. Then I did the layout for the whole page. We ate lunch at this great place in a basement and got all kinds of interesting food plus pancakes for dessert!
Then the negative of today was a discussion with a person from the research-department of the newspaper. They recently sent out an e-mail to their readers asking what they thought was the most important things HBL should be writing about before the elections. Politically interested me opens the e-mail and start filling out the form with questions. Now let me point out; this was a GOOD survey. But then they asked for the year of birth, and here you could only fill in years between 1997-1910.
And yes, I understand that they wanted people with the right to vote to answer according to what they were going to be voting for. But in th e-mail, they wanted READERS to answer what they felt like they NEEDED to READ about before the elections. As if the elections only concern people over 18?? So I went to the reasearch department’s office and gave them this very feedback. My intention was to give them my view and be like ‘hey, have you thought about this?’
And how do they answer? First a looooong explanation on them wanting to know what people were voting for, and that the e-mails are supposed to go to the ones paying for the newspapers. So I calmy asked, if it’s too much to add a box you can tick if you’re under 18. That’d easily give them statistics on whether they have readers under 18 answering their polls. But that was apparently the wrong way to go. She got really irritated and in less than five minutes I heard that I was a nit-picker, nagging and taking up her time, and then she told me that it’d give her soooo much more work to do if you had those kinds of boxes. I was close to asking her if that’s something she should complain to her boss about, if she has too much to do, since her job is making those surveys. But I already felt provoked so I brought up the usual male/female/other- question that I’ve personally worked hard for earlier. Seriously, how hard is it to make the statement and maybe MAYBE spare someone the stress of once again being reminded that they don’t belong to either of the gender majorities. Is it THAT hard?
But she got mad and annoyed so I just wished her a happy end of the day and left.

[ Update: My boss came in this morning and told me it was a good thing that I said my opinion and gave feedback. Yay. ]
But other than that, I still feel really welcome and happy with my internship. My supervisors are all really nice and reassure me all the time that I’m not any trouble at all and that they like having me there.

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