Feel like you still have a choice

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Yesterday was the first day of my internship at Hufvudstadsbladet, the biggest Finn-Swedish newspaper there is. I’m on the visual side, so basically doing layouts and info-graphics. FOR ALMOST TWO MONTHS. We signed the contract yesterday and chose a project to do as a YRKESPROV. Today I’m up to some more layout and the rest of the week I’ll do infographics!

The editorial is great. They’ve just moved around a little so they’re almost as lost as me when it comes to finding things and people. But it’s in the very center of Helsinki in a high building ( not really high, but for Finland) on the “main road”, so it suits me perfectly. I even have the time to get a hot chococlate before work every morning, plus I get free lunch. The others on the ward seem great as well. So excited!

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