Baby if you hold me

I’ve probably written that I love traveling and flying like a hundred times. But now that I’m in the plane on my way home from Budapest, I just can’t do anything but smile like the dorkieat person on earth. One of the best weeks in my life just passed. I’m soooo lucky. I found a huge amount of amazing people, who I will not only remember for ever but probably meet a few times too. It’s amazing to discover how different and similar people kan be at the same time, and how many incredibly personalities you can stuff into a group of 40 people. With tears in my eyes (NO, I’m not an emotional person) I read notes with greetings from everyone and I feel so thankfull and happy. And not only am I lucky enough to have had an amazing week in Budapest, but on the airport in Vantaa, my dad will be waiting and at home, the rest of my family. And then I will continue with a life where every day is a challenge and an adventure, and I get to learn new things as well as practice what’s important to me. It’s a mystery to me what some hard work and a lot of luck can get you.

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