Far away for far too long

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Haha and I tought I was going to blog every day here. And to read, I even brought a book. And to Skype with my friends. Sometimes things don’t turn out to be the way you were expecting, clearly. Even my family is wondering why I don’t have time to send them small messages to assure them that I’m alright. But really, I’m having the time of my life here. It’s just that this is in a way my vacation, and I’m really worried and stressed about what’s waiting when I come home. And I’m soooo not missing school, cuz I feel like I have nothing to get or give there. My teachers are sharing exercises with me everyday, and I’m gonna have 40 hours of work to do when I get back. Also, I found out that I’ll be the speaker at a music-contest a week after I get home, so I have to prepare that as well. And I missed like 7-8 meetings already and we still have some days to go. SHIT.

But what we’re doing here. Basically discussing topics that have something to do with or support the discussion of Xenophobia, in small groups and through projects. We have also had som lectures by guest speakers on everything from local projects (a Portuguise woman spoke about their work in the ghettos) and other organisations (a German guy on a catholic school-students union) and Human Rights (a woman from the Council of Europe). We have dicussions in plenary session but also in small groups. I think maybe we’ve been focusing too much on subjects that are important, but takes times from the real subject, which is Xenophobia in European classrooms and how to deport that. Anyway, we’ve had some really interesting discussions and I’ve learned a lot, especially about what they do in other countries and how other School-students unions work.

In our freetime we’re usually talking, playing games (SOOO COOL cuz everyone has their own cultural games and tradition), some are drinking and yesterday we went for a long sight-seeing walk followed by a thermal bath. We also ate out, and then some went to a local bar and some hang out in my room. Such a great group of people!

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