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Phew this is getting stressy. Yesterday was absolutely amazing, I love this city! We had a very touristy day and I was going to blog about, like write a really long post, but I never got the time. We woke up early, walked around in the surrounding nighbourhoods, and then up a hill to the castle, which is a UNESCO world heritage site. Then we walked down that hill, and up an even worse one, the Gellert hill, where the Citadella is. Basically the ruins of an old fortress with a statue on top and a view over the whole enormous city. On the way “back” we walked on the other side of Donau, the Pest side, and went for lunch and to some markets and so on. We wandered our way back to the EYC, caught our swimsuits and looked up where the nearest Thermal Bath was situated. And then we visited the hospital of St. Lukascz something, a hospital for reumatic patients, where they also happen to have a really fancy bathing area. Three warm inside pools, one warm and two cold outside. At first we ran arounf and understood nothing for a while, but then we just jumped into the nearest pool and relaxed. Words can’t really descibe how relaxing and well-needed that was. And right when I was laying in the massage-bed-thing in the warm outside pool, it started raining. But weirdly enough, that was just as relaxing as everything else.

Back at the hotel, we met up with the group for the first time. We are almost 40 people between 16 and well 20-ish, participating in this Study Session. Yesterday we introduced outselves and hang out a bit, and now we’ve been working on defining some terms and the differents situations to do with migration that appear in our countries and regions. So it’s been a full day, and it continues in an hour. Or actually earlier, cuz now we are supposed to be making up mixes of our own countries to present later tonight. With food, music and dance and what not. So I should definitely not be writing this right now haha.

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