Shut up and dance with me


So we’ve arrived in Budapest, Hungary. We took an ariport shuttle minibus to the place we live, which is the European Youth Center. The ride would have been the perfect sightseeing-tour but sadly it was already dark outside when we landed. It was quite amazing anyway. This must be one of the most up-lighted cities I’ve ever been to, with romantic and rustic lamp poles all over the center and big castles and churches on smaller hills. The light are split up by the beautiful Donau, over which we’ve seen at least two enormous bridges with fancy lightning. The EYC is also a really great place to stay. Funded by the Council of Europe, we have a top-modern hotel room with big cupboards, two workingtables, complete with a table-size bookcas, lamps and enough sockets for once. We also have a quite big balcony with a view over the garden/outdoor space that is pe rfectly suitable for young people, with table tennis, table soccer, a huge chess-table and BBQ and all that. Our beds are comfy and the bathroom has a tube. Me=happy! Downstairs there’s a big room with sofas, TV, piano and some games, a nice-looking cafeteria and a 24h reception. This building also has some conference rooms, where we’ll be almost every day this week (except for tomorrow, which is our day off, wohoo!). Well anyway, we just threw our stuff into the room and went downtown to look for somthing to eat. We met this really sweet older man, half hungarian, half russian, that spoke no english but had been working in Germany for 30 years. So we got to practise the little we’ve learned in school while getting the three of us somewhere where they would serve food. We also ran into some Swedish ladies, that we’re really glad to meet other swedish-speaking people, and gladly gave us a card to the restaurant they’d just visited. They were really worried and asked us if we really felt safe walking around all alone like that. We said that yes, we were alright and the man followed us almost to the restaurant and then left us when he had assured that we’d be okay. Later on, we came to the conclusion that it’s good to travel when you’re young and stupid, because otherwise  you’d never meet people like that. Mom, don’t worry, we knew exactly where we were most of the time. And then we found this cheap turkish place and I ate a falafel pita-thing that I’ve never tried before. End of story. Fingers crossed for great weather tomorrow!

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