To pay the bills


I know my working moral might be a bit out of line sometimes. But I just can’t stand when people don’t take responsibility for their own things and expect that OTHERS should take care of them! Come on! Haven’t you people been out of diapers for QUITE a long time already?

There are some bad teachers I know of. Some that treat students unequally and some that don’t plan their lessons and some that don’t care about the teaching and some that just can’t teach. And then there are some teachers that really try. They take criticism seriously and they evaluate their own and the students work and they try to come up with interesting teaching methods and alternative ways to learn. And then there are of course, the good teachers that just make it all work.

And then there are good students that just make it all work. There are the students that really try and turn in all their exercises and try hard to do their best every time. And then there are the bad students that don’t care and wont’ life a finger because why would they. And to these, there’s a category of lazy students that could do alright or well, but they can’t seem to be bothered. They can however, criticise any teacher or teaching method, or material of exercise in the most brutal way, and usually blame their own failure on one of these.

In combination, the last kind of student and the second kind of teacher makes me really upset. So you have an alright teacher that makes up a scheme with exercises and share them with the group in the beginning of the course, and then they have some deadlines but they can be flexible an pretty much anything can be worked around for everybody’s best.

And so you have some students. Some of them are sick a lot. Some are really really really sick, and some have a headache every now and then. I’m not saying the headaches can’t be bad. But when you have them every week I tend to get a bit suspicious. Also, as I admitted I have a strong working moral.

I’m very often absent from school because other things are more important to be. I try to be where it makes most sense, where I’m most needed. But I have NEVER missed a deadline.

I work 25 hours 8 days a week with making everything work. I see my family, I see my friends, I save time for myself. I got to meetings, I go to lectures, I go to lessons, I go to seminars and parties and networking mingles. I prepare myself for all of these by reading articles and news and writing speeches and articles and notes and blog posts and columns and e-mails. And I call people, I talk to people, I care for people and I take over other people’s work when they don’t have the time or the energy. I do my homework and I tell people on time if I can’t make it somewhere where I am expected. Always. This together is a full-time job. I love most parts of it. But that doesn’t mean I never have a headache or sleep two hours or have a sore throat or feel fed-up or just anxious. Doesn’t mean I never make mistakes.

And I’m not telling everyone to get this lifestyle. Actually, if you can live without it, do. But I can’t. I love it too much.

What I am telling you though is to SUCK IT UP. Take some FUCKING RESPONSIBILITY. It’s YOUR life, YOUR studies and YOUR decision. If you haven’t started with your essay the evening before the deadline it’s YOUR problem. If you really believe it’s a bad/stupid exercise, you should probably have told your teacher that 4 weeks ago when you had a chance to influence the course. I’m sorry but it actually IS your fault if you’ve been sick and couldn’t get the notes. It actually IS up to you to get them. We’ll all help, but it is up to you to ask for the notes. And also to ask more than 12 hours before the test. Gosh, and you’re supposed to be adults.

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