When it hurts like you crashed from above


I’m home. I’m happy. It’s complicated, but it’ alright.

This has been such and upsidedown week. In a way school’s just annoying, but then again there are so many amazing people there that makes it all worth it. And also I rarely attend classes for a full day haha.

On Monday I went to school and realised I didn’t have school. But then the youth council had a board meeting and recreation evening, and I got to see some really awesome people and hang out while pretty much working the whole night. Caught up on some documents and translations of them though, so I’m happy about that.

Then on Tuesday I had a really long school day, from which I left early to be on time for the FSS working committee meeting, where I happen to be the chairperson. That was also a really inspiring and nice meeting! We’ve got a good variety of people from different regions with different perspectives and they all had ideas and engaged in the discussion. My biggest personal motivation is probably other inspired youth.

On Wednesday I had a four-hour break between lessons that I spent cleaning my backpack. A white, glittery eye shadow had exploded (don’t ask why I even have one) and the glitter was literally EVERYWHERE. But okay, we read some for the Finnish test we had in the afternoon. That’s the thing with combining two educations, you suddenly have four-hour breaks and tests late in the afternoon. It went alright I guess. Then I worked on my way home and spent the evening with Hannah until my parents arrived home from the Canary Islands.

And today was somehow a really amazing day. In my bus this morning, a lady sat down opposite of me and we started talking. She happened to be working in a refugee center in Helsinki and she had so much to talk about. So inspiring and such a good start on a day! Then the student council had a breakfast meeting with our principal. It went really well, we had an open and honest conversation and we got a lot of interesting details about the school’s development and situation. It’s looking very good, and for once I’m quite proud of my school. We also got to talk about issues we’ve thought about and it just felt very weird in a good way to be respected and listened to.

I rushed to my lesson straight afterwards and kept a presentation. Then I rushed to an appointment with the school nurse, my first health check-up since fifth grade. I had a bad experience back then and haven’t felt the urge to go again, but the one we have in Prakticum is really nice and reliable and I felt like I trusted her enough to go get it over with. And it actually went really well! I appreciate a lot when I get to feel comfortable in a situation (I mean I usually do, but rarely because it’s actually meant for me to be comfortable. I usually just am.) and someone treats me with respect and listens to me in the way you hope for someone working with your health would. So I’m happily surprised and satisfied, although I’m even shorter than I though. Down to 1.56 m now.

And even if the social studies-lessons pretty much sucked, even the afternoon was nice! Me and Jooa headed for a well-needed coffee to celebrate turning 17. He’s a day younger than me and we’re the two youngest ones in the FSS board. I’ve always felt kind of a connection between us and we have such a good time together! One of the greatest colleagues you could wish for, and the package is complete with a good friend included. Anyway, we had a really good discussion on both personal and professional topics.

Hannah picked me up in the city center of Porvoo and dinner was ready when I got home. And I just realised I’ve drinken 3 cups of coffee today, when my usual saldo is 0. Oops, this goes fast.

Also, I’ve heard a load of awesome baby-luck news today from close ones and acquaintances and the weather happened to be nice, so right now the world seems like a pretty good place again. And it gets better. Happy.

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