I remember the day


Hi guys! We’re on a train again! It’s already our 3rd travelday, only 7 left! We’re continuing to Rome for 3 nights, and then either Firenze or Milan. We’ve got window seats and a table, I’ve eaten a sandwich and drunk a youghurt for breakfast, so pretty much everything is fine. We met some nice French guys and a Belgian guy, who are also backpacking, and we got to exchange experience and have a really nice chat. The Belgian guy is actually HITCH-HIKING his way through Europe. Wow. He had a lot to share, I didn’t even know people do that anymore. But apparently it works the same way as it has since my Dad was driving around the continent.

Back in our tent last night though, we realised we were all out of electricity, and we had a hard time charging our devices of course. Not too nice when you’ve got all the tickets and documents on your phone. Emil said it very well, “We could prepare for not having internet, but not even electricity?!”. And yes, I’m trying to get him to guest blog here about his version of the trip. Also, we’re writing a piece about smart interrailing for the newspaper back at home, and I’m doing an English version of it so you’ll find it here after the trip. Now let’s finish that book of mine, shall we?

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