Tonight we’re building bridges


Yesterday we just chilled, relaxed, had some pasta and some wine, lit candles and played cards. Totally felt like a beach vacation. Today we packed our things and walked to the bus, payed more than we had thought but got in to the city pretty fast. We had to BUY a map (they have none for free, cheapest was 2.50 € at the tourist info, but we also got directions to the nearest supermarket, a Coop by Canal Grande. We ate our breakfast, a bucket of youghurt, sitting by the channel. Then we walked around in the southern areas for a couple of hours, just walking and taking pictures. After a LONG while, we ended up by the Piazza de San Marco, where we found some shadow and some cold ground. We wrote like a million cards, found some really bad wifi and just enjoyed the view. Finding wifi in Venice is like finding a needle in a haystack, and even the places that have wifi said it was broken.

We walked by Canal Grande in the sunset until we found a nice little restaurant just when the clock hit 8 pm. We had agreed to eat at 8, so we sat down without further thinking. Nice food and nice prices, but the red wine was served as white wine (WAY too cold) and the waiter started cleaning the table while I was still eating. Oh well, we came back to San Marco just in time for the lights to lit up, and got some amazing pics. We walked back by Ponte de Rialto, but they’re renovating parts of it so it was totally covered in plastic on one side, and the other side was impossible to photograph because all the nearby areas were also covered in plastic.

We hitched back home without a ticket, and got off at the wrong stop (Emil says it was our punishment, but we did save some money) so we had to walk a thousand miles. To even get to the bus stop. I had gotten some not-so-nice racks by then, and Emil was in a bad mood. Typical.

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