Soon we’ll be there too


Totally awesome and crazy day! Me and Matias from the Prakticums Student Council held a speech and the graduation in the Finlandia-hall this morning. The graduation was absolutely fabulous, and I’m so proud to say that I’m a student in that school. Amazing singers, speakers, teachers, principals and STUDENTS. Such a beautiful and happy event.
I headed to work straight after, changed into jeans, t-shirt and a blazer, had a great lunch-meeting with my now former boss, made a map for tomorrow’s newspaper and went through my stuff. I saved all my work on my own hard drive, closed all the programmes, logged out of everywhere and shut down my computer completely. It’s been on for two months, my green self feels really bad. Then I hugged and thanked a lot of amazing people, and then I just left. Empty, in a way.
But I kind of had to run, took a over full tram to Töölö, and found my way to the office of the Association of Finnish High school Students SLL. I was so afraid that there would be no one I knew there, but when I arrived the president ran out and hugged me and introduced me to some people. My friend Jontte who I met in Budapest was also there, and when I thought about it, there was a ton of aquaintances there! I had a glass of champagne and mingled, met two members of the parliament and hated on the new governments programme with them. No one seems to like that they’re saving 600 millions on education, wonder why?!
As soon as I finished my glass (I’m a slow drinker haha, I don’t like the bubbles), I took a tram and realised that I only had to take it 3 stops when I was already on it. Anyway, I got totally lost in this beautiful beach-area, while trying to find Café Ann Mare. We held Prakticums Graduation dinner there this year, and it was this beautiful place just by the sea. Around it we had a huge beach, and the restaurant opened up towards the sea with huge windows just where the sun sets. Beautiful place, beautiful people and a lovely evening overall! I met and got to know teachers and students and it was just the perfect party. Everyone seemes to enjoy themselves and having a blast. And so did I, so I’m totally happy with the day even though I was on the go from 9 am until 2 am haha.
Oh and the police stopped me on the way home and made me test if I had any alcohol in my system haha. Luckily I didn’t have and I got to drive home without further trouble hahaha.

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